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What we do

What we do?


This term refers to the process of creating a print layout and performing all the steps that lead to the final print project. A digital prepress machine accepts information electronically and transforms the data onto a printing plate which is ultimately used to transfer your files onto paper while on press.

The pre-press facility at Bhaarthi Digital Printerss is equipped with high-end equipments and licensed softwares to meet the clients needs. The highly trained designing and pre-press team ensures that your job is processed to get the best results and is committed to perfection.

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Prepress is finally complete. Proofs have been approved, imposition and pagination have been done, and the printing plates have been manufactured. Now it’s time for the next step: the press run. Here, sheets of paper are fed through the press while the plates transfer ink from the rollers to rubber cylinders, and then to the paper itself. This two-step process is why this printing process is called “offset.”

Our facility at Bhaarathi Digital Printerss Printing offers a complete range of document production services in both offset and digital environments. Whether you have a simple one-color job or a complex four-color piece with aqueous coating, you will receive the same high level of service, quality, convenience, sensitivity to deadlines, and competitive pricing.

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Post-press is everything that takes place after your pages have been printed on parent sheets – and it ends up that “everything” is quite a bit! Books are folded, cut, and bound into your final project before they are ready to be shipped to your front doorstep. For the pre-press of board and card games, cards get trimmed, smoothed, and rounded. Game boxes are printed and constructed, and then all the components are assembled and packaged to create your final product. That’s a lot of things that happen when the printing process is done!

Our full-service bindery can provide saddle stitching and other popular binding methods and folding to suit your needs. Since its creation, Printing Services has adapted to many changes in technology and customer demand. We strive to continue to grow and advance as new technologies become available and as our customers demand new services.

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